why do bullies bully?

Ever wonder why bullies bully? Often times bullies are bullied themselves at home by a sibling, parent, or other family members. They may have been bullied at school prior to bullying others. What is going on in the bully's personal life is usually unknown or ever talked about. It can go unnoticed for years. This is dangerous, and results in the child lashing out their anger sometimes towards another person. That's why bullying isn't always personal or meant for a certain person.  Even though jealousy and insecurity can cause someone to be a bully, it could even be for no reason at all. They are just pushing their anger and pain onto anyone they can reach and somehow that makes them feel slightly better. 


Common reasons why bullies bully can be from anger issues, insecurities, resentment, jealousy or what they learn at home. It always starts from somewhere. Usually bullies will look for someone who is soft spoken or reserved, knowing it's easier to be mean to someone who doesn't like to fight back. It can make you feel weak, and soon you are feeling the pain the bully wanted you to have. The world is hard and people can make it harder, but don't let someone change who you are by what they say. In a place where you see negativity and hate so often, stand out with your kindness and be a light. Do not let them bring your spirits down. Show them you are stronger than that and it doesn't phase you either way. Always keep negative people out of your life. You can always talk to someone for advice if someone is bullying you nonstop. Soon enough people will realize how strong you are, confidence is always key. If you feel you are the bully, ask yourself why do you feel that way? Is it because of your thoughts, or actions? You can always seek help as long as you are honest with yourself. That is the first step, from there you can find so many different ways. Maybe there is a stressor in your life you can point out, and find a way to deal with that. Maybe a certain area of your life isn't being fulfilled or you are being bullied yourself. Whatever it may be it is important to sit down, clear your mind and find out what is causing you to lash out towards others. There is always a root to every problem, and there is always a solution! We are always here if you need more help or have questions.


If you or someone you know are being bullied, do something. Reach out, talk about it.


Promote love. Bring peace. Create change. Get involved.


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