suicide, self harm...

Everyone handles pain differently.

Some find coping through abusive addictive behaviors, but there are better ways. Self harm is something many teens and adults go to, as they find taking the pain out on themselves relieving. It is easy to blame yourself when things are going bad in your life, or people are treating you a certain way. But never blame yourself for these things! I know you may think, "it's easier to say it than to believe" or things like that. Especially in these times, suicide rates have gone up drastically. Ever since the pandemic, mental health has affected all of us. Everyone can agree to some level. Besides all of what's going on in the world, we still have daily problems we all face. Stress can build up, tension in our environment can get worse. It may seem way to much to handle and hard to see past. As if the problem at hand will never go away. But shocking, it eventually will.


By you being here and reading this, it is a sign for you to stand strong through these harsh times. You are seeking some guidance, a sign. Here it is. You need to share your story and be an inspiration to others in the future. Because bullying, and negativity sadly will always roam this earth. But if you can fight through it now, your story could help so many others that will one day go through the same thing you did. 


I am in a better place as I write this and I hope I am helping someone in their life now. We are all human, we need advice and a loving hand sometimes. Feel free to reach out to us if you need advice or just someone to listen. Talk to your family, or friends, someone you feel comfortable with. Even a co worker, or someone at your school. Talking and venting is a form of stress relief, it isn't healthy to bottle anything inside for too long. 


Nothing is perfect, and life doesn't change completely one day where there are no troubles again. It gets better, and sometimes it takes a while. But it's important not to beat yourself up or add extra worry to your current issues. Be gentle with yourself. Sometimes I find myself needing a mental reset, a break even if it's a couple days. Things can become overwhelming for us, pause and appreciate yourself sometimes. Take a walk barefoot, watch your favorite movie, take a day off of work to do something you've wanted to try. Remind yourself again of all the little things that really make up the big picture in the end. Make new memories, there's so much to discover. Life has it's struggles, but that's only temporary. There is always a place for you somewhere at all times in this big world <3


With love and care always,






 *The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255



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