Stop Self Harming & Start Self Loving

Cutting is a serious problem that increases every day.  This is likely caused by depression, emotional health, bullying, alcohol & drugs, bipolar disorder and anxiety. When people cut, they believe it relieves pain that builds up inside them. 46% of teen girls alone, hurt themselves on purpose.


If you or a friend you know cuts, please call the number below right away. If no help comes quickly, this can lead to suicide.


STOP CUTTING-ULifeLine: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) 


You will feel much better after making this simple call. If you need help from NP4H, please contact us at:


How to Help Stop Cutting:

Try to do more productive things instead of harming yourself. Use your artistic skills and express how your feelings are and not take it out on yourself.  


  • Draw butterfly on the area you cut with a marker.
  • Leave the butterfly there, don't cut or rub it away.
  • If you let the butterfly fade on it's own, it's free. If you cut/rubbed it away, the butterfly died.

 Another alternative:

  •  When you cut, use a brush with paint on it or a marker so you won't damage your skin.


*Please give it a try. Don't just say "it won't help" or "this doesn't make sense." Everything is worth a shot.


Try to do other things in your free time instead of cutting.

  • Read inspirational passages or quotes.
  • Don't listen to discouraging music, people or tv. Try to do something peaceful and fun like being with friends, playing board games, reading books and drawing.
  • Make a promise to yourself that you won't cut. Just think of it as making a promise to your best friend. Don't break it.