you may not believe it but you are incredibly strong.

Self harm is serious, and very real. I know you may think it will numb the pain for the meantime, coming from experience I felt that way at least. But eventually it just creates a burden like its the only thing you can lean on. It keeps you in a confined state of loneliness, society becomes your enemy.


46% of teen girls alone, hurt themselves on purpose.


Hurting yourself isn't the answer. Don't weigh yourself down for what is happening around you. When you are all by yourself, find a way to escape with something that will make you grow as a person. For me it was writing music and poems. Maybe nature or sports attract you, animals or learning about other cultures. Whatever it is, make it feed off positive energy. You can connect with yourself more than you may realize, self love is an important part about you.


Look at yourself in the mirror as the person you strive to be. When you begin to understand yourself, things do get easier. Peoples opinions don't mean as much because you are already secure in your worth.



& you can always make a simple call. (not a np4h #)

STOP CUTTING-ULifeLine: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) 




make a promise with yourself that you can't break.




"I am against bullying, I believe compassion and help in our youths will help build  better futures and  better hearts. #God is great." -from one of our supporters