our privacy promise

Here at Noplace4hate we care about your privacy. Whenever you send us a photo or story, we do not add any other information besides what you give us.


We won't post, sell or give out:

  • Last names, even if you included it.

  • Home addresses.
  • Personal phone numbers.
  • Emails addresses.
  • Cities that you live in.

We won't ask for:

  • Additional information
  • Pictures, unless you included them on your own

*never donate money to a website or organization if you don't know where the

money is 100% going to. there are many scams online!



All emails are confidential, and only read by the noplace4hate team. If you send an email to helpRyouthNOW@live.com it's 100% safe. Our form to send us an email on the contact page goes directly to the live account and isn't read by anyone except us.


We respect your privacy, and we want others to respect ours. We're here to help and give advice to people out there, and we aren't looking to sell personal information you shared with us.


We are non-profit.


Thank you for your time



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