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Do You Know Me?


Hello there, do you know me

I've seen you in the hall

Whenever they come down on me 

And push me into the wall


I see that your locker's

Just down from mine

I'm sure that you must know me

Cause I see you all the time


When I look

 I see you stare at me

But turn your head

Then run off just as quickly


I sometimes see you at lunchtime too

I sit alone not far from you

Laughing with all your friends

How I wish it were me at the other end


I wonder why you look at me

But never say a word

When you're always there not far away

Knowing everything you heard


"You're ugly, you loser,

 I wish that you were dead"

How can you stand to look at me

Pitifully shaking your head?


I don't need your silent pity

I don't want your false remorse

I just wish that you would acknowledge me

Help to change this hurtful course


Each day is so very painful 

When I get on the bus for school

For the life of me, I cannot see

Why kids can be so cruel


I saw you in the bathroom

Just after one attack

But again wouldn't speak to me

You only turned your back


I feel you want to say something

Anything at all

Maybe you won't have to

Next time you're in the hall


I don't think I can keep this up 

Feeling like this every day 

I might just leave forever 

And just be on my way


So please,  

No need to worry 

I am certain

You'll  forget me


I hope someday you will think 

Of the things you didn't say

All those times you just ignored me 

Every single day



I gots to get me up, I guess, and get me on to school,
I sure don’t wanna do it, though, them kids is awful cruel,
Don’t know why they do it, Jesus, don’t know why they did,
Why they wanna beat me up?  I’m just a little kid…
I tried to hide!  Gee Whillakers, it didn’t do no good,
Them mean old boys, they found me, like I knew they prob’ly would,  
You know it’s true, they always do, I’m scared to go outside,
Why they wanna do that, Jesus?  Why’d do I have to hide?
 I din’t do nothing to them, I don’t even know their names,
They punch and poke and laugh and stuff, act like they’re playing games,
I know…I gots to get me up, I gots to go, for sure,
Cause Momma’s getting mad at me…wish I could talk to her…
I tried real hard the other day when I got home from school,
My shirt was ripped but she just said, “Have you forgot the rules?”
“Just look at you! You’re filthy!  And you’ve got a runny nose!”
“But, Mom,” I said…”No buts” she said, “Go up and change those clothes.”
I just don’t understand it…Gosh, I’d never hit a kid,
I wonder if they ever think ‘bout all them things they did,
The teachers call it, Bullying…it even gots a name,
We’re ‘posed to tell, but, Jesus, well…I guess I’m too ashamed…
 I can’t tell Mom, I can’t tell Dad…So, no one know’s but You,
There’s no place left that I can go, I don’t know what to do,
I’m peeking out the window, guess I’ll grab my books and run,
They’ll catch me, though, you know they will…could you please tell someone?
 invisible ties
Sara Thierry Cox cr/13


               -=+ My Story +=-

As a kid
I just hid
From all my fears
So no one saw my tears

I was teased
It was like I was diseased
It all became too much to take
But then I made a big mistake

I acted as if I was fine
Wishing I had friends that were mine
Always in someone's shadow
No matter what way the wind would blow

I always said to myself
Put those bullies on the shelf
Where you could look at them everyday
Until you think of something to say

But whenever I thought of something
I said nothing
I knew that I should
But I didn't know if I would

The next year came
I thought things would be the same
But I had a nicer teacher
He didn't see me as just another creature

He encouraged me to try my best
Step foot out of my nest
I quickly realised my favourite lesson was PE
Even though no one ever picked me

I began to play soccer at lunch
But I developed this hunch
That I would be kicked off the team
Because being seen with me was enough to make you scream

I put that thought to the back of my mind
To the place that was the hardest to find
I continued playing soccer at lunch
Until I heard a horrible crunch

I broke my arm saving the ball
The doctor said no more soccer at all
This wasn't that hard you see
Because you'll never guess what next happened to me

The entire soccer team
That I thought would scream
Just being seen with me
Came to check that I was as happy as could be

You can only imagine how happy I was
Well I didn't think I had any friends
But it turns out I was the setter of many trends

Everyone wanted to sign my cast
And last year was completely in the past
I made friends at the speed of light
But of course occasionally we would fight

That was the best year
Never needing to fear
I had loads of fun
The same for all the years to come

The reason I wrote this
Is for people that fell into the abyss
I know what you are going through
Feeling down and blue

If you ever feel like crap
As if you are about to snap
Remember that people do care
People that you might not know, but they are there

I want to thank Mr Carson, the teacher in this story
For helping me find my glory
When times where tough
You knew helped just enough

I turned twelve this month
And all my friends through me a surprise party
This just goes to show what 1 person can do, no matter who they maybe.

Matthew 5:43 'love your enemies'


I'm not sure why you bother me

I'm not mean to you

It hurts my heart, can't you see?

Leave me be;

I'm not mean to you


I may come off tough, I may seem buff,

But I'm a person too

I may act like I don't care what them bullies say,

But I have feelings too, you know

I have feelings too.

I may ignore those mean remarks

But I am surely a human too

Hearing words that make no sense

Can ruin someone's mind

All my friends that I knew and loved,

They just left me behind


You may not understand me,

But I'm not mean to you

Those words, those names,

They would hurt you too

So leave me be;

I'm not mean to you




Why can't people see me?
Am I really invisible?
Do I really want to live life in the background?
Why can't I have a chance?
Don't I deserve one?
Why do they laugh and make fun?
Do they not know it hurts?
Do they not know their words bring tears to my face.
When they mock me and make fun.
To my face and behind my back.
Why don't they see my potential?
Why do they think I do not have feelings when they call me fatso. Or make up songs that hurt.
Why do they think they are better?
Why do I get picked last?
They act as if I am diseased and don't want me around. This hurts the most.
Why can't I have a chance?
I am just like you.
What did I ever do wrong?
Am I that horrible of a person?
A true friend is someone who laughs at my jokes not at me.
Why do you pretend to be my friend and then turn your back when the bullies come?
Why do you even want to be my friend? I trusted you I told stuff you betrayed me! You stabbed me in the back.
Why did you do it? What did I do to deserve it?
Why do words hurt so bad?
Why do bullies want to hurt? Do they hurt that much?
Life is good and precious. We are all the same.
We look different but we are all equal.
When you find this out your hurtful words will stop.
I hope you change so you don't hurt another person like you hurt me.
You helped me be a better person. I never wanted to be like you.
I am glad I am not like you.
My life stinks.
Life will get better soon.
I will pray for all of you may God change you.
That way you won’t hurt another soul.


Inspirational Poem (true story)

I'm standing here in the rain,
Just wondering if anyone felt the pain.
Of waking up and not knowing why,
Having someone make you cry.
Not once or twice, but every day.
It got to the point to I couldn't even say,
I'm not that bad, really. I'm not
But they still tell me I should just be shot.
They call me worthless, ugly, and fat.
But if you look at me, I'm more than that.
It's been three years now since I lost my voice.
They took it from me. It wasn't my choice.
The girl who hasn't talked to anyone in years.
The girl who had no one to wipe away her tears.
But yesterday I sat by the river.
I looked down and started to quiver.
I saw a girl in the water.
A girl who could never be my mother's daughter.
She wasn't pretty, nor was she fair.
But she was beautiful with her golden hair.
Her green eyes were the color of the pines.
Ones that would be beautiful if they shined.
I kept looking, I didn't want to look away.
Because I knew what people would say.
Shes fat, ugly, and deserves to die.
Why they say that, I guess I know why.
Sure, I could loose a little weight.
No, I'll probably never date.
But I am who I am and I cannot change.
And the people who tease me? They're so lame.
I have never tried to hurt anyone.
For they were the ugly ones in the long run.
They had almost taken my life.
They're words to me were always like a sharp knife.
But I will be me, no matter what they say.
And tears filled my eyes as I started to pray.
Lord, I'm sorry for all I've done.
But please be with me for my life has begun.
I have accepted myself for me.
And maybe oneday they will see.
But at this moment, my life will start.
The years of bullying shatter my heart.
And yet today, I'm picking up the pieces.
Yes, my confidence still decreases.
But when I fall down, I just stand back up.
I pull myself together and ask them, what's up?
Then as the painful insults are released.
I smile and say I that I know, and my mind is at peace.
The look on their face was priceless that day.
Now they don't even bother to say.
But when I saw them move to their next victim.
I walked over to them and stood right with them.
And after the third bully had spoken.
You're beautiful, I said, my spirit unbroken.
The victims eyes lit up and she recovered soon.
To the bullies leader, she said, you're a fat crazy loon!
I've seen you pick on all the other kids.
Lynsy, Kelly, Emily, and Sid.
More of their victims joined in.
And I swear, those bullies never messed with us again.

-Former wallflower and bully victim,

There was a time when I was truly alone,


With no one to talk to
Or places to go to. 
(That was a very long time ago)
I thought happiness was spending time with your family everyday
Retreating to the comfort of books,


And studying for as long as I could. 
I thought that no one would care if I didn't know the latest trends,
Or joined the coolest club at school. 
(It was the theatre club)
We seemed to coexist for a while,
In this fragile but functioning ecosystem. 
(That is what the world is after all)
I was being naïve. 
This is why we are animals living in an ecosystem,


We must be generic to survive against predators. 
Since I was different,
I unknowingly set myself apart and became an instant target. 
My peers bullied me relentlessly,
Talking behind my back and spreading hurtful rumors. 


(I have never cheated in my entire life, never have, and never will)
I thought I was strong enough to bear this new burden,
But it became clear that I wasn't. 
(No good deed goes unpunished)


I mocked them using words they couldn't understand,
Talked freely about what they have done to those who listened,
And continually set myself apart from them. 
(I did not want to be involved in this game of beauty, riches and popularity)


However, adults began to notice what I did to them instead of what they did to me. 
They told me that I brought this upon myself, and that my peers weren't used to my oddities. 
(This was after they told all of us to "be ourselves")


I followed their advice, and I am still doing so up to this very day. 
I followed the latest trends,
Forced myself to like their music,
And even watched what they were watching. 


It worked splendidly, 
And I became friends with the same people who tormented me in the past. 
(That's the cycle of life for you)
Instead of running to the comfort of my books,


I ran to the comfort of my phone with its social networks. 
Instead of spending time with my family,
I spent it messaging my friends about homework. 
(Or bands or books or anything really)


Now, I've grown tired of this charade. 
A part of me lies inside old family photos stored in back-up disks
And books that accumulated dust. 
A part of me lies in music that no one else wants to hear


And notebooks full of facts I've learned. 
That is who I really am. 
You've seen a little bit of it, haven't you?


This poem was made by the folks of Noplace4hate.













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