are you doing ok?


So, how's life been lately? Are you doing ok my friend? Sometimes that's all we need to hear from someone. But why is no one asking? Why does it feel so lonely lately? Even when it's a crowded room, there's so many conversations. It still feels empty, it's been low for a while now. This rollercoaster should be going up again soon, right? Even when we look like we're fine, why is no one asking?

It's a strange feeling, and now you feel selfish for feeling so bad for yourself. It's like no one will listen to you anymore. But this is not a forever feeling, ok? It's such a bad time right now, I know you don't want to be here. I'm also not here to cheer you up.

I'm promising you. If you're reading this and can relate to the above, this is just something we'll go through together right now.

We don't choose our story or life; we don't choose happiness or sadness. It comes with being alive, and maybe you feel like you have the worst luck or life right now. But don't forget our promise, I know exactly how you're feeling.

As I write this, I'm going through a low right now actually. It's not the worst, definitely not the best. I said things I regret; I do things I don't really like. I say "I'm just coping" but when is coping an excuse for all my actions?

I'm going through it, even though I already thought I did that. I should be on my high right now!

Maybe you're feeling this too. 

To be honest, I'm not going to sugar coat a thing. This life we have is hard. We didn't sign up for all this pressure. So maybe we should take it easy, everything that is stressing us out, maybe let's take a break here and there? As I'm writing this there are things I should be doing in the back of my head, but maybe this is my little break for right now. As chaotic as it is, don't forget to allow yourself that little break. We aren't computers that get overworked and are supposed to burnout. 


Right now I don't always like myself. I think I do things because I'm still hurt, I do miss the old me. I miss the way I treated myself. I was so smart with my ways. Things didn't affect me the way they do now. I'd just fix the problems and bring happiness. 

Then reality hits me, I'm no longer that person.



I have changed as a person, but I'm not bad for that. I'm still a good person but maybe things feel different now. No more rose colored glasses.


I'm starting to accept this chapter of realization in my life, that things aren't the same. Part of me holds onto my childlike ways, because I don't want it to go completely away. I'm not ready being an adult, but who is? So let's just realize that we're going through some things right now, we can take our time and put it towards something we love. Maybe take up a old hobby or start a book. Mentally our generation is going through a lot, we should take our time with things. If you want to send us an email to vent or advice, feel free. I'm still standing against bullying of course but also as we grow together, we got to stick close by and listen to each other. After the pandemic I feel a lot has changed, in our lives and mental wellbeing. Please reach out, take your time to heal, and remember we are always here for you.








National Domestic Violence Hotline- 1-800-799-7233

or go to for online chat/text 


Suicide & Crisis hotline: Dial 988


Substance Abuse/Addiction Hotline: 1-844-289-0879





Speak up and be the voice for the ones who stay silent. If you have an opportunity to make a change, take it

Promote love. Bring peace. Create change. Get involved.

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