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I live about five miles from this past Valentines Day tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida in which 17 high school young men, women and teachers were slaughtered in a cold and calculated act done by a previous school mate. Many of my close friends were affected by this. Various meetings, both local and televised, vigils, as well as private and public fund raisers, concerts and similar, have been held. One father of a female victim even held a fund raiser and intends to honor his daughter and the others killed by opening a memorial park to honor them. Attempts have been made by Congress in hoping  to repeal and reform many current gun laws.


Update: Progress has been made in making schools across the U.S safer. 81 schools as of now have metal detectors, metal detector wands and clear backpacks are being introduced in the Broward area. Hopefully stricter security and these improvements can ensure better safety in schools.

"I am against bullying, I believe compassion and help in our youths will help build  better futures and  better hearts. #God is great." -from one of our supporters