faceless bullies

Sadly, we live in a generation where it's too easy to attack someone without even being face to face. Everyday on social media I see it. I admit to getting into texting fights and saying things I normally wouldn't. Because it's just too easy to type words rather than saying them. I continuously find myself "dropping out" and not logging into my Instagram or twitter because it becomes too big a part in my life. I recommend taking breaks from social media if you feel that way. Luckily you can turn off your phone and walk away from the matter, don't feed into it.


Please be aware of what you send and post. You may think it's fine but some things really hurt others. When it is on the internet its available for everyone to see. We should encourage, not discourage one another. Share positivity in your community <3


"I am against bullying, I believe compassion and help in our youths will help build  better futures and  better hearts. #God is great." -from one of our supporters