faceless bullies

Sadly, we live in a generation where it's too easy to attack someone without even being face to face. Everyday on social media I see it, it could be the smallest thing and people will find a way to be mean. IYou may not even realize it all the time if you are being rude, or mean to someone online. That's why just like in real life it's important to take a step back, and see what you are about to say before you say it. Think about it for a second and if it isn't going to benefit anyone then please just don't post it. At the end of the day though, you should know it is never okay to send negative comments or messages to anyone. Whatever you post or send, there will always be a way to retrieve that message so just be careful what you say. It may come back to you someday.


Other times, you may be the one getting the hurtful messages. In this case, you may not know what to do either. If someone you do not know in real life is harassing you online, you can easily block them or report their account, or both. Obviously you do this when they are clearly bothering or attacking you. 

If you know the person in real life, and they have decided to be mean and bully you online, and you aren't sure how to address it, there are some ways you can handle it. For one, simply reach out in a message and see what their deal is. Ask them if there is a problem, maybe you can find out if they have something against you in an easy conversation. Otherwise, sometimes asking a mutual friend can help. They may have good advice, or be able to find out what the problem is. Lastly, if you do not have a friend to ask/do not want to reach out to the person, you can block them if the bullying is too much and is obnoxious. You have every right to block someone's negativity from your life, as well as your social media! If you don't want to block them fully, some social media apps allow you to hide their content, or not allow them to message you, so you can control how they can reach you. 


It's just too easy to type words rather than saying them face to face. I continuously find myself "dropping out" and not logging into my Instagram or Snapchat because it becomes too much in my life. You start to notice changes in your emotions and subconscious mind. I recommend taking breaks from social media here and there to clear your thinking. Luckily if you turn off your phone and walk away from the matter, you don't have to feed into it. That is my best advice, don’t let the fire continue..


Please be aware of what you send and post. You can hurt or offend someone easily, so instead of creating an issue just think before you press send. Keep in mind there is no proper emotion when reading something online, so you don't know the persons tone when they wrote it. When it is on the internet its available for everyone to see so also remember that. We should encourage, not discourage one another. Share positivity in your community and online <3


Promote love. Bring peace. Create change. Get involved.


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