What should you do if you're bullied

    Are you being harrased, made fun of, or being picked on for the smallest things? Do people make you feel bad about yourself, call you names that aren't nice, or start rumors about you that aren't true? These are all forms of bullying. You may not realize it, but if these are one of the situations that's happening to you, you're being bullied.


    Nobody should feel ashamed of being bullied. It's not anyone's choice. The only people that should feel ashamed are the bullies. They don't have the right to bother and hurt other people, that's why someone should know.


    If you know that you're being bullied read on to see how you can help stop it:



Some key things you should know before you tell someone that you are bullied:


  • Make sure that you're being bullied. Don't tell someone that you are and question yourself if it's actually bullying. If someone is ignoring you, or not talking to you anymore, this is NOT bullying. They aren't making fun of you, they're just not talking. With something like that talk it out with the person or speak to a guidence counselor to see if the issue can be resolved.
  • Bullying is something that is constant. If every time you go to school or a group and you're being picked on, or made fun of, then this is bullying. If someone says something not too nice one time but it's never brought up again, then that's not bullying. Again this is something you should talk out with the person, but don't make the error of telling someone that they're a bully.
  • Don't seek out for revenge. If a certain someone offended you, embarrased you a while ago, or had a fight with you, don't think that this is a good chance to get back at them. Bullying isn't something to joke about, it can go on a permanent record and suspend a student. Instead talk to the person that you had a fight with, a fight between two people is something they should discuss depending on the level of it.
  • Don't exaggerate a story. Only tell the truth.
  • Make sure whoever you're confiding in is trustworthy. You wouldn't want to tell someone that is going to tell the whole town.
  • Remember, people find “easy targets” to bully. If you listen to music that all the others kids aren't listening to, or if you dress differently they'll see you as someone to bully. Be aware that if the bullying you're facing is because of your actions, you may want to change the way you appear. Don't ever change who you are, just the way they see you.



People you can talk to about your bullying situation:

  • Guidence counselor
  • Teacher
  • Principal
  • Close friend
  • Parent


What you should do

  • Remember, it isn't your fault or decision that you're being bullied. It isn't something that will automatically go away all the time, it may take a little more time for people to understand what's going on. Schools want to make sure that what's happening is legit and no one is lying'
  1. Have a backup. Before you go tell somebody that you're being bullied, try to get someone to back you up. A witness or friend should help you out. If you can't get a witness it's fine, just do it on your own.
  2. Speak the truth, and only the truth. If you lie just a little, that can mess it up for yourself.
  3. A trusted adult, friend, principal, teacher or school official are some people you could tell. If you're in a group, tell the leader.
  4. Never include violence, even if the bully is physical just try not to punch them back, because then even if you were defending yourself they may just put that on your record.
  5. Try to stick with a friend at all times. Bullies like to bother people when they're alone.
  6. If you feel like you can, confront the bully. But, if you do this make sure to have somone with you. Two people should be nearby just in case.
  7. Before it gets out of hand tell someone right away. Don't let it become bigger than it should be.
  8. Even if you have told as many people as you can about the situation but no one reacts, keep telling them eachtime. Sooner or later somebody will realize what's going on. Like I said, it doesn't go away right away always, just keep talking and telling people.
  9. Have confidence when you tell someone.
  10. No matter what, never believe what the bullies say. It's just hateful word that they may receive and try to put them on someone else. Don't think that what mean things others say define anything, they are just trying to hurt you.




You can be the voice for many silent ones. Tell someone before the bullies reach everyone. You can change the way of things. It doesn't take an army to fight a battle, it only needs one strong and brave person to defeat them.