are you being bullied?

Nobody should feel ashamed of being bullied. It's not anyone's choice. The only people that should feel ashamed are the bullies themselves. You may be bullied for whatever reason, but you are not at fault! If you are going through this, I'll share some advice on what you can do. 


If you are being attacked or made fun of for any reason, you are experiencing bullying. If its from one person or a group, it's the same thing. Sometimes people act like they're joking, but after a while these "jokes" feel personal and hurt us. Other times it isn't so subtle, and it is obvious bullying. If someone is singling you out and making you feel uncomfortable, they are being a bully. There are ways though you can find the right help.


If it's in your school, talk with a close teacher or guidance counselor. See what they can do to help the situation. If nothing gets resolved and the bullying continues, go have a talk with your principal. Maybe you can switch classes to avoid conflict or have the principal address the issue with your bully. You may feel scared or intimidated at first which is totally fine, but you don't deserve to have someone bring you down and harass you. That's why the best way is to directly go to someone in your school who can do something to resolve the issue.


It's also a good idea to confide in who is closest to you, which may be your family or a friend. Let them know how you're feeling, what's going on in your life. If you don't speak up about these things no one will know how to help. Talking and expressing personal things are hard, I know, but it's for the better in some cases.


If you are experiencing bullying at your workplace, I recommend doing a similar thing. Talk to your manager about your co worker and how you two don't work well together. Explain more in detail if you have to, doing this would be a professional way to handle things. Possibly get your shifts changed to different times to avoid the person all together.


Sometimes you can experience bullying from a family member as well This is more personal because it's someone you would naturally be close with. Unfortunately families fight, especially parents and siblings. I've had many fights with my family, some a lot worse than others. Words, names, very bad fights can happen in families, and it can hurt us. Hopefully, you and your family find a way to move past it and forgive each other. But there is a difference between fighting and repeated bullying from a family member. In this case, you should talk to someone else in your family or a trusted friend that will relate or listen. Even just opening up about something that bothers you can help. It's comforting to have someone there who understands you, so if you have a close relative, explain to them how you feel. If not, find a friend who you trust instead to talk with. Sometimes the only thing you can do to resolve an issue, is to talk about it and move from there.


 As I mentioned, there are levels to these things. If you know what you're going through is more serious and not sure where to go for help, I'll list some numbers to call I found online. 



National Domestic Violence Hotline- 1-800-7233

Sexual Asualt Hotline- 800-656-4673 (this number directs you to a trained staff member in your area)



It's not your fault, always remember that. The years between childhood and growing into an adult are getting harder everyday in the instant society we live in. Social media has sadly, made it easier to get bullied or harassed online. That's why I advise everyone, please be cautious with who you talk to, and what accounts you allow to follow. Never give out personal information, or your personal phone number to people you don't really know online. The more info people have, the more ways they can contact you even after if you block their account. 


Again, always talk to someone close. Ask for advice, find someone to confide in. Even writing in a stress journal can help clear your mind. You are strong, and you are here for a reason. You can move past this!



Speak up and be the voice for the ones who stay silent. If you have an opportunity to make a change, take it

Promote love. Bring peace. Create change. Get involved.

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