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Welcome to our site! My name is Lizzie I'm 23, and my sister Becky, 19. We are from south Florida. We created Noplace4hate in 2012 to promote positivity and be there for anyone facing bullying, or hard times within family or friends. We realize how important it is to be there for each other, especially in today's society. Anyone being brought down needs help to be lifted back up, negativity and hate cannot rule the generations to come. So maybe we can't change everybody, but if we start here that's a move in the right direction.


If you are seeking advice or guidance, you are at the right place! Our hearts are open to you.


We thank you for sharing NP4H and telling your friends. My sister and I are so amazed at how this website grew over the years. In 2014 we were able to get in contact with President Obama. After the President saw our website, he reached out to schools across the nation to motivate teachers and students to start anti-bullying programs. Florida senators Bill Nelson, Marco Rubio and Governor Rick Scott reached out to us later that year on this topic as well and we are proud that with your help we are making this issue more known to the public! No matter the number, we will stand for what we believe in. 

Thank you again and keep spreading love in your community.


We need to all come together, take a stand against bullying!


The creators of NP4H

Promote love. Bring peace. Create change. Get involved.


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