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welcome to noplace4hate. my name is Lizzie, I created this website in 2012 with my sister Becky.

bullying not only affected our lives growing up but we also saw what it did to the people around us.


as we got older, we realized bullying doesn't end after school. you'll face it throughout everyday life.

things that happen to us can change us forever. 

we'll talk more about it together. thanks for visiting <3



we need to come together and love one another more than ever.


here, there is no place for hate.

feel free to reach out or search our website for more information

 we are here for you because we hear you.


this is me and my sister Becky. we've been through a lot it has made us so close. we're blessed to have one another. we all need someone to help us through the tough days, life is never perfect.


feel free to reach out, this can be your safe haven.

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