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I'm Lizzie, my sister Becky and I created and maintained this site for the last 9 years. It was apparent to us how bullying affected our lives and our small circle at just early years of life. Bullying though doesn't end after school.

People can always find ways to bring you down or spread negativity. You can experience it at work, with family, in relationships, online, in daily outings. The worst part is, most of the time it never gets resolved and the victim just comes to terms with how they're being treated. No one deserves the torment and long term effects of bullying. We need to recognize, be self aware on a topic where the lines are usually blurred. Let's come together.

We have no place for hate.

we are here for you because we hear you.

This is me and my sister Becky. We have been through a lot together which just made us closer. We've noticed that in these days bullying has found more and more ways to thrive,

sometimes so indirectly it can be hard to notice.

When we made this site, we wanted to connect and be there for the quiet voices.

No one should have to endure it.

Feel free to contact us or just roam the site for information.



let this be your safe haven.

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